Cataclysm- The Ultimates’ Last Stand #5


"Why’re you apologizing? Not your fault I’m old." Johnny lips curled up and he nudged her playfully. 

"True, controlling the aging of alternate universes is not one of my superpowers. Yet." She smiled with a laugh and nudged him back. "You may be old but you’re clearly still just as much of a dork as the Johnny I know."


The girls having fun at the arcade in Coney Island. I LOVE this vibe on this book

All New Ultimates (2014) by Michael Fiffe and Amilcar Pinna


"Nightwing. And so…you guys are on a hero shortage?"

"Well I mean… There was the flood which was devastating. And mutants like me are still considered second class citizens, not to mention our existence is apparently illegal depending on who you ask. So yeah, I guess shortage is a word for it."


"Younger than Wolverine. That’s… Something. I guess." Johnny looked down at the girl and smirked like he was joking. Which he wasn’t. Finding out he was older than Tony Stark was not something he wanted to hear today. 

She squirmed uncomfortably, realizing this Johnny wasn’t in as good of a mood as he was when they started this conversation. “Sorry.”


Probably not. It’s just a hunch that you don’t forget meeting a guy in blue and black spandex.

True but there aren’t many heroes I haven’t met these days, not many of us left. So I was caught off guard. I’m Kitty.


All-New Ultimates #4

war tongues flickered about that dirty old church mouth.
my breath was short, better hit the ground runnin’.


"It’s…" Johnny scrunched his face up. "It’s not pleasant." 

Now she really does laugh and smiles up at him. “At least you’re younger than Wolverine was?”

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