"A little life experience makes a heckuva’ difference." He grins, offering a light, playful nudge. 

"Are you admitting to being old, Mr. Storm?"


A somber expression across his face, Johnny nodded, holding a hand out to shake Kitty’s. “You’ve got my word.” A small smile. “I get it. Doesn’t matter what universe, you’ve gotta’ watch out for your own.” 

A playful smile forms on her face as she looks up at him. “Okay, so you might be a little smarter than the Johnny I know.”

• SPIDER-MAN, BLACK WIDOW, KITTY, CLOAK & DAGGER barely hold back the carnage of vengeful sewer leaders AGENT CROCK & VERMIN!

• The BENGAL joins the police squad just in time to regulate Scourge’s murderous aftermath!

• Will the hunt for CROSSBONES reveal a deeper, darker secret behind the city’s rampant crime wave?


"Well, yeah but—” Johnny hesitated for a moment before muttering; “I knew that.” Thinking about life experiences caused a thought to jump to mind and the blond changed the subject. “Just make sure Little Johnny doesn’t go off into the Negative Zone. I mean he’s probably already been in there but y’know. Alone. Tell him I said no.” 

She paused, brow furrowing slightly, before nodding slowly. “Alright. Can… Can you do something for me then? I don’t really know how much older everyone is in your universe. But, if you can find a Jimmy Hudson, just make sure he’s okay yeah? There’s nothing else just… I made a promise a long time ago to make sure of that and I suppose that should extend to every universe.”


I’m not talking about your entire species. I’m talking about you.

Clint stands. His unconscious habits of movement, gesture and posture make him appear taller than he actually is. His gaze, cold and harsh, steadies on hers, and behind that there is a glint of volatile fury in his stare.


Do not call me by that name, mutie.

"Right, I got so much special treatment being arrested and hunted simply for what I am. So much special treatment being the target of assassination attempts and declarations of war. I totally see what you’re saying here.” She gave him a mildly annoyed look and tried to keep her smug feeling from showing. She was getting to him more than he was getting to her.

"Well if you’ve moved on to hate speech I don’t think it really matters what I call you.”


"I dunno’, I’ve always been a Playstation guy. I think good sense in consoles is just something you’re born with." The blond made a face. "And apparently little me wasn’t. Y’know, I was nothing like him when I was his age. Kind of weird, huh?" 

"Well, different universes and different life experiences. I bet you never lived with Aunt May or went to high school with me. And we’ve already established that your Reed Richards is surprisingly a good person. Your DNA isn’t the only factor in who you end up being."

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"Wait. You mean controlling aging’ll be one of your powers in the future?" Johnny grinned cheekily. "If that’s the case there’s definitely a deal to be made here." The blond made a face, joking with the girl. "Yeah, I dunno’ about that guy. He told me he liked Xbox over Playstation and quite frankly I found that a little unnerving.” 

"Well, who knows what the future hold?. But I promise if I develop that one you’ll be the first to know." She shakes her head with a laugh and a slight roll of her eyes. "Yeah he always did fall on the wrong side of that argument. Clearly you know better than him." She pauses and a teasing look crosses her face. "Maybe that’s something that comes with age?"


He settles his gaze on her and stares long and hard. His blue eyes are dense as rock, and if one was too look upon them for hours and hours not once would they find something that even entertained the idea of friendliness.


It’s Hawkeye.

She rolls her eyes slightly and holds back a laugh. Man was he ever grumpy.

"Alright, Clint. Tell me, how is having your entire species hated and recently in concentration camps considered 'special' exactly?”